Arcadia Art is a foundation whose goal is to promote the knowledge and the appreciation of the Arts, mainly (but not exclusively) painting and literature.

The Arcadia Art staff is preparing the first issues that will allow this cultural association to become an independent editorial publishing reviews and books about Art and artists, promoting emerging talents by interviewing them and letting the public know their artworks and the philosophy that lies behind them.

Now based in Rome, the Arcadia Art Foundation will soon open new branches in other European cities, starting from Florence, Madrid and Berlin. Its goal is that to become the core of a net of cultural organizations and institutions by organizing meetings, conferences, events, exhibitions.

The Arcadia Art Facebook page is a portal displaying the best artworks throughout the world and the centuries, in high definition, with a special focus on those details that allow the public to better understand the meaning and the value of an artwork and appreciate its beauty in its full extent. Thematic galleries about more or less famous artists and special themes that enrich the art history are also present.

The Arcadia Art Foundation is a meeting point where many culture can establish a dialogue, due to the multilingualism that the Foundation offers.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. can i use “arthur-foord-hughes-english-1856-1914-gleaning.jpg” as a cover photo for a book that’s for private distribution.

    • Of course: I don’t claim any copyright on the images I post. If you wish, let me know when the book will have been published: it’s a pride for me to be a source of inspiration for the people who visit Arcadia–the Arcadians, as I call them. 🙂

      Have a nice day!

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